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IT Solutions

You see a significant opportunity to launch your presence on the web and want to take advantage of the latest tools and techniques to generate new leads. Your budget is tight, and you can't add any more staff. Even if you could, where would you find a qualified team?

Staff Augmentation

The right person with the right skills can make all the difference. But, many companies struggle to meet the challenges of recruiting, training, and retaining the skill sets necessary to meet their business requirements. Sometimes, when in-house resources are directed towards critical special core projects. Additionally, the growth of your business depends on your ability to pursue the strategic initiatives made possible by rapidly changing technological developments.

Artifical Intelligence


Data Management

Our Data management help data-driven businesses of all sizes. Weather data is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, it provides a solution to seamlessly access, share, and analyze data.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

BI Solutions

iConvergence Solutions provides robust, scalable & technical Applications. To enable you to deliver the best results for your business in the areas of Business Analytics, Business unit strategy, Transaction Services, Valuation Economics, Brand/Intellectual property Management and Risk Management supported by rigorous market, economic & financial analysis.